This game was spreading like a virus with the speed of light not so long ago, but few people know that it has been around for a while, but it only gained popularity once bloggers started to play it. One led to another and in a couple of weeks or so the whole internet exploded with an imposter game – Among us. It is was a wild ride for sure, the amount of attention this game received is just mind-blowing, I guess lockdown played its role as well, with a lot of people sitting at home everyone rushed to the internet in order to kill boredom. One way or another I am happy that bloggers shared this hidden jewelry with the rest of the world, makes you wonder how many unknown games are out there waiting for their moment of fame…

We already know what this game is all about, don’t we? Here you play either as a crew member trying to complete your mission and return to your home safely, or you play as an imposter, and in this case, you will have to do everything that is possible in order to sabotage the mission. In both cases, the game offers an entertaining experience and fun, in both cases, you will have to analyze situations around you, make sure that you know where all the crew members are, what they are doing, what is the current status of the missions, etc.

Tips and tricks
Apart from thrilling and entertaining gameplay this game also requires from you to think, I mean think really well, memorize everything, crew, what their current mission is, how they are going towards their work location, which hidden paths can be found on the map, where they lead, etc. The game really puts your intelligence to the test, if you are good at remembering chances are that you will succeed in the game, if not well, in this case, you will have the opportunity to improve your abilities while enjoying the entertaining game, win-win scenario to me, don’t you agree?

As a crew member, you will get various missions from time to time, missions usually revolve around fixing various problems on the ship, also you will have to figure out who sabotages the flight and messes up electricity on the ship. Try to do your best and make sure that your ship is not in poor condition, and that everything is going normal and smooth. Also, take care of yourself as well, try not to stay alone for a long time, remember, there are evil aliens on the board and they are really good at disguising!

Imposter Game or Among us call it whatever you like is really entertaining game, the ability to play it online with real people adds additional thrill and fun to the game. It is so exciting to play either as a crew member or as an imposter no wonder game gained so much popularity in such a small period of time. Don’t waste any more time on reading guys, it is time to take some action, scroll up, hit that play button, and enjoy your game session with gamers from all around the world.