Description is an arcade game based on the internet sensation Among Us. In this game, you must enter the Dot IO multiplayer arena and try to seize as much of the YRZ-15 space station as you can. Each crewmember has a color, and by creating loops you can color in areas of the space station to expand your territory.

How to play

This game is based on the Chomp game genre. Exit your safe zone and start running through the space station. Your crewmate will leave a colored trail. Loop back to reenter your safe zone and the area trapped within the looping trail will become yours as well. Using the same technique, you can also eat away at your opponents’ zones. You can even kill your opponents by cutting through their trail when they are outside of their safe zone. Watch out though, because the same can be done to you! You’re vulnerable to attacks whenever you’re outside of your safe area.

Game developer


Release date

November 15, 2021

Use your mouse to play